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活动扳手 英文

“活动扳手”在汉英词典中的解释(来源:百度词典):1、an adjustable spanner; an adjustable wrench; a coach wrench; a monkey-wrench

固定扳手 [词典] non-adjustable wrench; [例句]套方环形一头固定扳手 Double square closed single head wrench


扳手头 driving end更多释义>> [网络短语] 开脚扳手头 spanner wrench head 六方扳手头 hex drive bit 套筒扳手头帽螺钉 SHCS

套筒扳手: 1. socket key 其它相关解释: 以上都有套筒扳手的意思,我个人更倾向于用socket wrench,但你可以根据工具的形状等特征选择最合适的英语表达。

hex wrench/hexagon wrench/Allen key六角扳手 Finally, tighten the drill guide in place with a hex wrench, and begin drilling.最后,使用六角扳手在标注的位置上拧紧导钻,开始钻孔。 Remove the body bolts from the body using an Allen...

扳手型松紧锁 Wrench-Operated Elastick Lock

Ball-point Hexagon Key Wrench这是球头的 Taper-Head Hexagon Key Wrench 这是钻石头的

PVC coated spanner/wrench

1/2series socket wrench

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