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My birthday Today is my birthday,I was so happy! This morning,my parents gave me a gift,it was a soccer/doll,it looks well,and I love it very much.In the afternoon,my friends went to my home and gave me a big surprise,they gave...

有一点小毛病,正确因是:Happy birthday to me.Never forget how much you are loved. 有疑问请追问!

你好,thanks for all the birthday wishes 翻译成中文是:感谢所有的生日祝福 ——————希望帮到你,满意请采纳。

I wish that my family is harmious and happy.


Happy Birthday, wish you happy everyday! 生日快乐,祝你天天开心! 双语对照 例句: 1. Happy birthday dad; I wish I could be there! 爸爸,生日快乐;真的希望我能在那里! ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满意请...

thank you for all the birthday wishes. you guys make me feel grateful 谢谢你们的生日祝福。你们让我很感激 . ----------------------------------- 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

意思是:甜心巧克力,我的最爱,生日快乐,祝福你幸福平安快乐每一天。 感觉我翻译的有点肉麻。 PS,多说1句,这是小学3年级水平的英语,少玩点游戏多看点书吧。

Tonight' my head is spinning I need something to pick me up I've tried but nothing is working I won't stop I won't say I've had enough Tonight' I start the fire Tonight I break away' Break! Away from everybody Break! Away from ...

My birthday wishes to you are the warmest. May all the plans you are making work out just right for you and may life always bring the best things ...

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