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the accounts,which are in a bit of mess,have to be ready for next month 翻译:有点杂乱的账目下个月前必须弄好. 仅供参考

a bit of 与a lot of, a variety of, plenty of都可以修饰可数与不可数名词

a bit of a… 是一个整体。 双语释义: (informal,especially British English) used when talking about unpleasant or negative things or ideas, to mean ‘rather a… ’ (谈及负面事情时用)有点儿,相当于rather a 双语例句: It's all a bit...


he last minute by some strok

the flat was in a bit of mess. 这公寓有点乱。 the flat was in a bit of mess. 这公寓有点乱。

a bit of a 是一个整体。(谈及负面事情时用)有点儿,相当于rather a。 双语例句: We may have a bit of a problem on our hands.我们手头的问题可能有点棘手。The rail strike is a bit of a pain.这次铁路罢工有点头痛。 a bit of 含义是一...

I am a bit of a mess = 我有点儿麻烦。 My room is in a bit of a mess = 我的房间有点儿乱。 Mess = 麻烦 or 混乱


kinda Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, not an opportunity. 友谊从来不是机遇,而是一种甜蜜的负担。

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