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1) Total 不同在于它有较强烈的计算意味,强调总量,意为“全部的”,“总计的”,实际上就是对现存的 whole 的大小作精确的估计。如: By the end of the year , the total money collected had come to over 92 million dollars , all of which we...

1.all着重“整体”,指各个“个体”或各个“部分”组成的“全部的、所有的”整体。修饰可数名词复数时,指所有的数量;修饰不可数名词时,指整个范围或全部数量。位于定冠词、指示代词、物主代词、基数词的前面。 常见短语有: all day,all night,all ...

the total当名词的时候,是总数的意思。whole当名词的时候是整体的意思。 total当总数的意思: It shows the total of all categories. 它显示所有类别的总数。 whole当整体的例句: He has said he will make an apology to the whole of Asia ...

overall一般用在句子前边. 例如: Overall, he is very good. Total 是总共 例如: there are total of three apples. whole是整体 例如: the whole family is great. entire 是全部 例如: the entire family is great. whole 和 entire可以互换使用.

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